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米国FTC: インテル事件→和解へ(パブコメ期間9月7日まで)

・FTCとインテルとの係争は約10年ぶり(参照:「Intel Abuses its Monopoly Power in Violation of Federal Law」(FTC報道発表 June 8, 1998))

※米国FTCによる審判手続開始決定(FTC 12/16/2009)
「According to the FTC’s complaint, Intel’s anticompetitive tactics violate Section 5 of the FTC Act, which is broader than the antitrust laws and prohibits unfair methods of competition, and deceptive acts and practices in commerce. Critically, unlike an antitrust violation, a violation of Section 5 cannot be used to establish liability for plaintiffs to seek triple damages in private litigation against the same defendant.」
「The complaint also alleges that Intel engaged in illegal monopolization, attempted monopolization and monopoly maintenance, also in violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act.」
※インテル社の反論(インテル社ウェブサイト 12/16/2009)
「The FTC's case is misguided. It is based largely on claims that the FTC added at the last minute and has not investigated. In addition, it is explicitly not based on existing law but is instead intended to make new rules for regulating business conduct. These new rules would harm consumers by reducing innovation and raising prices.」
「This case could have, and should have, been settled. Settlement talks had progressed very far but stalled when the FTC insisted on unprecedented remedies including the restrictions on lawful price competition and enforcement of intellectual property rights set forth in the complaint -- that would make it impossible for Intel to conduct business.」
※結局和解へ(FTC 08/04/2010)



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